This the issue on most people’s minds. Unfortunately, this issue often gets oversimplified – one side believes we do too much and the other not enough. The City of Salem did not create the problems that lead to this issue and cannot solve it alone either. Low housing inventory, prescription drug addiction, mental illness, and struggling veterans just a few of the reasons for increasing homelessness, but there’s only way to take this issue on… and that’s together. Everyone can help even in the smallest way. Ultimately, we must take a housing first approach. Everything else is a band aid.

Traffic and Growth

Everyone who has lived here for 5 years has noticed the increased traffic. It’s the result of improper planning and people moving to our great city. An estimated additional 60,000 people will be calling Salem home in the next 10-15 years. We need leadership on this issue and bring people together in order to ensure we have the public infrastructure in place to handle the growth. The 3rd bridge debacle a few years ago could have been avoided. If this issue comes back Jose will ensure it gets done right!

Neighborhood Safety

Bordering I-5, Ward 5 has its unique challenges. We see a lot of people coming in and out of town every single day. Along with the good comes the bad and over the last several years the sounds of sirens have become more and more familiar. Our kids don’t feel safe walking to school, we don’t feel safe shopping, and everyone knows not to go alone when you are selling/buying online items and must meet a stranger for the exchange. Jose understands this and will work with our first responders to ensure the right balance of time/resources spent in Ward 5.

Abriendo Puertas

Nacido en Oregón, de padres Mexicanos, José entiende la gran responsibilidad de ser la primera generacion nacido aquí.  Toda su vida, con mucho trabajo y sufrimiento, ha logrado abrir puertas para los demas.  El cree en el sueño Americano y quiere que todos tengan la oportunidad de salir adelante como él”

Small Business

Like many, Jose’s life has been full of many highs and lows, but starting a small business was one of the best decisions he has ever made. He knows we must be extremely cautious managing our expenses and at the same time encourage entrepreneurship. True value is created when someone can take an idea and turn it into a stable business. Our country was built by risk takers and it will only grow with that same spirit.

“The people of Salem are smart, and I see the potential for the next great business to come right out of Salem. We need to enable people to do that.”

Economic Opportunity

We have an opportunity with the Salem Vision Planning to ensure we have more high paying jobs in Ward 5 and the surrounding area. Currently most of our residents drive far to their jobs and what does that lead to? Time away from loved ones, more traffic, increased transportation costs, and a bigger carbon footprint. We have seen a lot of public investment in other areas of Salem and I will fight to see more right here in Ward 5.